How to reduce file size when converting Word to PDF for online publishing?

As we know, converting a Word document to PDF has many benefits including cross-platform compatibility of PDF, reduced file size, protection, etc.

In Word environment, we convert a document to PDF by using the Save As option. In this process, resultant PDF would have a relatively lower size than the parent document. If you find PDF size still higher to publish online or email, there is an option that would considerably reduce the PDF file size. Here it is how.

  1. Open the Word document, which you are going to covert to PDF.
  2. Click the Office button and then point to Save As.
  3. From the sub-menu, click the option PDF or XPS. The Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box appears.
  4. From the bottom of the dialog box,
    1. Enter file name in the File Name field
    2. Select the Save as type as PDF
    3. Under the heading Optimized For, click the option Minimum size (publishing online)


5.    Click Publish. You are done.

How to use Building Block Gallery in Word

Word 2007 & 2010 provides a gallery of style blocks known as Building Blocks Organizer. You can use these style blocks to create professional looking documents. The gallery also provides an option to store your own style blocks for future use. This saves your time and effort.

To access the Building Blocks Organizer

1.    On the Ribbon, under the tab Insert and within the group Text, click Quick Parts. A drop-down menu appears.

2.    From the menu, click Building Blocks Organizer. The building blocks gallery pops up.


To insert a style block

Select a block from the list, click  Insert.


To store your own blocks to Building Blocks Organizer

1.   Select the style block.

2.   On the Ribbon, under the tab Insert and within the group Text, click Quick Parts. A drop-down menu appears.

3.   From the bottom of the menu, click the Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery option. Quick part is added to the organizer.

You can sort the gallery list by clicking the column heading (i.e. Name).