How to manage images in Word

If you are having a tough time managing images in your document, the following tips will surely help you.

Majority of the time, we want the images in the document to stick at a fixed position. Images that float are hard to manage.

To fix an image at a certain position in the document

  1. Click the image. The Picture Tools menu group is enabled in Word Ribbon.

in line with text

  1. On the Format tab under the menu Pictures Tools , within the group Arrange, click the drop-down list button Text Wrapping.
  2. Click In Line with Text from the drop-down list. The selected image will be fixed at a line in the document.
  3. You can click and drag the image to a different line in the document.
  4. To place the image at a different position horizontally, place the mouse cursor in front of the image and then use Tab or Space Bar to move the  image horizontally to a new position.

To wrap text around an image

  1. Select the image.
  2. On the Format tab under Pictures Tools menu, within the group Arrange, click the drop-down menu Text Wrapping .
  3. Select Square from the drop-down list. Text will be arranged around the image in the shape of a square.
  4. If image has an irregular shape (such as a star), click Tight from the drop-down list. Text takes the shape of the image around it.

Note:  If the image inserted has an irregular shape (such as a star), select the option Tight to arrange text around the shape.

How to add caption to a figure in Word and insert a new Label for a caption

To add a caption in Word

  1. From the Ribbon, click the tab References.
  2. On the References tab, within the menu group Captions, click Insert Caption (keyboard shortcut key: Alt+S+P). The dialog box Caption appears.
  3. Select a caption label from the drop-down list Label (default labels are Equation, Figure, and Table).
  4. Enter a caption next to the label in the Caption field.
  5. Click OK.

insert caption

To insert a new Label

  1. On the Caption dialog box, click the button New Label.
  2. Enter the new label name in the New Label pop-up window.
  3. Click OK. the New label is added to the drop-down list Label.

How to remove Header and Footer from part of a document

If you remove header/footer from a page of a Word doc, header/footer from the entire document disappears. Similarly, if you insert header/footer to a page, the same is copied to entire pages of the document. This is how header/footer supposed to work.

Now, if you need to apply unique header & footer to a page or part of a document other than the rest of the document, how will you do that?

The trick lies in separating the pages which would have unique header/footer from the rest of the document using Section Breaks. The separated sections can be applied with unique formatting and styling.

For example, suppose the pages 5 to 7 in your document to have a unique header/footer than the rest of the document.

The Procedure

  1. Insert Section Breaks at the end of the pages 4 and 7. This way, you have divided the document into three sections. To insert a Section Break, do the following:
  2. From the Word Ribbon, click the tab Page Layout and then click Breaks under the group Page Setup. From the drop-down list, click Next Page under Section Break. See below screen.

insert section break

  1. Now on the 5th page, enable the header/footer sections by double clicking the top/bottom of the page respectively. The Header & Footer Tools tab is enabled on the Word Ribbon.
  2. From the Header & Footer Tools tab, under the group Navigation, click the Link to Previous icon link to previous icon to de-link the current section from the previous section. This is the key step of the procedure.
  3. Now, enter new header/footer content on the 5th page.
  4. Similarly, enable the header/footer section on the 7th page and click the Link to Previous icon to disable the linking between current and previous sections. On this header/footer, you can repeat the header/footer of the first section.

Please go through the following article to understand how to remove header and from the first page:

How to remove header and footer from the first page of your Word document

This is super easy.

The Procedure

  1. Open your Word document.
  2. From the Ribbon, click the Page Layout tab.
  3. On the Page Layout tab, click the Page Setup dialog-box-launcher icon dialog box launcher. The Page Setup dialog box appears. See the screenshot below.

remove header and footer frist page

  1. From the Page Setup dialog box, click the Layout tab.
  2. On the Layout tab, under the section Headers and Footers, select the “Different first page” check box.
  3. Click OK. You are done.