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How to convert PDF to Word Doc in MS Word 2013




For me, this is the coolest of all the new features of Word 2013, the ability to convert PDFs to editable docs in Word. The process is dead simple and the output is equally good. So, no more trying your luck with online PDF converters or freewares with unpredictable results.

The procedure

  1. Click FILE.
  2. Click Open.
  3. Click Computer.
  4. Click Browse (from bottom). The Open dialog box appears. Select the PDF from your computer. If you are unable to see any PDF in the target folder, on the Open dialog, select option All Files.
  5. Click Open. Word displays a warning message. Click Ok.
  6. Click Save As from FILE menu to save the document.



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  1. This one is very good. I have been converting doc and docx to pdf using but i didnt know how to reverse the conversion 🙂

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