AutoCorrect Feature in MS Word 2007

Word provides this excellent feature that saves you a great amount of manual work. You can store your frequently used text, paragraph, sentences, or any other text as AutoCorrect entry. Use the following procedure to add AutoCorrect entries.


To add an AutoCorrect entry
1. Select the text that you want to add as an AutoCorrect entry.
2. In Word 2007, press Alt+T+A (Word 2003 shortcut key). AutoCorrect dialog box appears.
Click the Office button, click Word Options, click Proofing, and finally click AutoCorrect Option button under the AutoCorrect options section. AutoCorrect window appears.


3. Word fills the selected text in the With fields. Now, enter the text in the Replace field that would be replaced with the With text.
4. Click Add.

To use an AutoCorrect entry in your document
In the above example (see figure), we have added an AutoCorrect entry. Type auto and then press the Spacebar; ‘AutoCorrect’ will be replace ‘auto’.