How to Create Different Headers and Footers in the same Word Document

MS Word provides an option to create different headers and footers within the same document. Divide the document into different sections using Section break to achieve this. Then you can assign unique header and footer to each section.

Suppose your document has five chapters and you need to insert unique header and footer details to each section, the below procedure does exactly that.


Divide the document into five separate sections using Section breaks. See below to learn how to insert Section breaks at the end of each chapter to create separate page sections.

1. To insert a section break, on the Page Layout tab, within the group Page Setup, click the drop-down list Breaks.

2. From the Page Breaks drop-down, click Next Page. A section break is inserted at the cursor position.


Tip: If you are unable to view the section breaks after applying them in your document, click ‘Ctrl+Shift+8’.

3.  Similarly, apply section breaks at the end for rest of the chapters as well.

4.  In this step, disconnect the Header/Footer section of the first chapter from the second chapter. To do so, double-click the Header or   Footer section (extreme bottom or top of the page) at the beginning of the second chapter. The Header & Footer Tools >> Design tab gets activated in the Ribbon.

5. Now on the Design tab, within the group Navigation, you can find the Link to Previous being highlighted. This implies that header/footer of the second chapter is linked to the first chapter.


6.  Click Link to Previous to deactivate which  disconnect or de-link the second chapter from the first chapter.

7.  Repeat the above steps for the rest of the chapters. After disconnecting header/footer for all the chapters, you can insert unique header/footer content.

Tip: While header/footer is enabled, you can move from one section break to the next by clicking the Next Section button available within the group Navigation, under menu group Header & Footer Tools >> Design.