How to use symbols as new bullet points

If you would like to try out some of the new bullet styles for lists in your document, here is what you have to do.

As you know to insert bullets,

1.    Select the list in the document.

2.    Click the Home tab from the Ribbon.

3.    Under the Home tab within the group Paragraph, click the down arrow button adjacent to the bullet icon.

4.    Word displays a library of bullet style in a drop-down list. From the bottom of the list, click Define New Bullet. The Define New Bullet dialog box appears.

5.   The dialog box contains the following three buttons,


A.     Symbol (To add symbols as bullet style)

            i.   Click this button to view the gallery of symbols.

           ii.   From the gallery, select a style and then click OK.

          iii.  You can view the symbol being added to the bullet library.

B.        Picture:         (Similar to above, click this button to select pictures to use as bullets)

C.        Font:               (Similar to above, click this button to modify font, font style, and font size of bullets

Removing a bullet style

You can remove a bullet style from the bullet library. To remove, right-click the bullet from the library. From the right-click menu, click Remove.