How to use AutoText to draw a table in Word 2007

AutoText could prove to be really handy when it comes to reusing objects across all your documents. You can add any selection to AutoText e.g. a table with a certain style and table header. Later you can draw the same table to documents with just a click of mouse button.

The following procedure enables you to add any selection (table, text, graphics, etc.) to AutoText.


Firstly, add the AutoText feature into your Quick Access Toolbar. In Word 2007, you can locate the Quick Access Toolbar on top of the Ribbon menu.

To add the AutoText feature to the Quick Access Toolbar

1.   Click the Office button Picture1. From the drop-down list, click the Option button . The Word Option dialog box appears.

2.   On the dialog box, click Customize from the left hand side menu. On the right hand side, Customize the Quick Access Toolbar and keyboard shortcut pane appears. See below image.

3.   On this pane, select AutoText under the category Popular Commands and then click the Add button to add it to the Customize Quick Access Toolbar list on the right.

word options

4.   Click OK. You can view the AutoText icon being added to the Quick Access Toolbar.

quick access toolbar

Let us create a table and add it as a selection to AutoText

1.   Select the table and click the AutoText icon from the quick access toolbar.

2.   Click the Save Selection to AutoText Gallery option available at the  bottom of the AutoText menu. See below image. Create New Building Block dialog box appears.

3.  On the dialog box, enter a Name for the table and select the Gallery option as AutoText.

save selection to autotext gallery

4.   Click OK.

You can view the table being added as an entry into the AutoText list. To redraw the table, click the table from AutoText list.

table added to autotext

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