How to add Watermarks and edit Watermarks in Word

Watermarks, as we know, appear in the background of a Word document. Watermarks carry a light shade without interfering the readability of text. These can safeguard your document from tampering. Sometimes, company name, logo, graphics, etc. are also used as Watermarks.


To insert Watermark to your document

  1. On the Ribbon, under the tab Page Layout, within the group Page Background, click the Watermark icon . A drop-down list appears with the subsections Confidential and Disclaimer. These two sections contain the default watermarks, which you can use straightway in your document.
  2. Click on a Watermark to add to your document.

watermark icon


To add a custom Watermark

1.   On the Ribbon, under the tab Page Layout, within the group Page Background, click the Watermark icon. From the bottom of the drop-down list, click Custom Watermarks. The Printed Watermark dialog box appears.

2.    The dialog box provides three options:

a.    No Watermark

Select this option if you do not want to add a Watermark

b.   Picture Watermark

Select this option to add a picture as a Watermark

i.      Click the Select Picture button to browse your system to select a picture.

ii.     Click OK.

                  c.   Text Watermark

Select this option to add any text as your watermark)

i.    Enter the watermark text in the Text field. You may also select font, size, color, diagonal or horizontal layout, etc.

ii.   Click OK.


Editing a Watermark

1.    Firstly, enable the Header/Footer section. To enable the header/footer section, right-click on the extreme top/bottom sections of your document Edit Header/Edit Footer icon appears.

2.    Click the icon to enable the header/footer section (Header and Footer Tools tab is now enabled in the Ribbon).

3.    Now, you can select the Watermark. If it is a text Watermark, select and right-click on the text (right-click only when your mouse pointer changes to this mouse pointer ).

4.    From the right-click menu, click Edit Text. Edit Word Art Text dialog box appears.

5.    On the dialog box, you can modify the font, font size, text style, and the text itself. To delete watermark, select Cut from the right-click menu.

6.    Click OK.


About wordknowhowhttp://wordknowhow.comThis blog site was started to help people with Microsoft Word. I use Word a lot at work, and I understand that some features are difficult to use. There were no simplified instructions online to help me use these features. It is for this reason that this site exists; to make your life easier with Word. Feel free to post your comments, queries, suggestions, etc. I will do my best to help you!

9 thoughts on “How to add Watermarks and edit Watermarks in Word

  1. Thank you. Helped me to change my watermark picture from color to grey. You could mention that using Headers also enables one to move the watermark position.

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